it's supposed to feel like a french movie but it doesn't, i guess maybe in certain situations it does

i have two friends
i spend a lot of time with
they are both apathetic people
but they don't seem to mind
that i am
hyper emotional
they are extremely comforting
to me
very often
it is the best
when it is us three
that is when 
i feel the best
jean luc godard once said
all you need 
for a movie
is two boys
and one girl
i don't really like 
being with anyone
other than my two friends
i really adore them
they both slap my face
an alarming amount
and sometimes
they buy me beer
when i am sad
i think we all hate
being alone all the time
so we are bonded in a way
i’m not sure really how it works
but i do know
i liked to be teased
and slapped
by boys
that i feel comfortable with
one of them
loves the same music as me
the other
loves the same authors
somehow that is enough
and i guess
they both remind me
of my retarded brother
a bit