period sex

i would really like to get fucked tonight
but the problem with this is
i am on my period
and as my friend justin knows,
that is one thing that I am not into
the other thing?
the idea makes me nauseous
period sex 
i can only do it
with someone i really love
someone from out of town
because we have no other choice
the best lover of 2007 
put his finger in a pool of
my blood that was on the bed
and then put it into his mouth
later he said it was to impress me
and it did
impress me
after he left, i had to throw out 
my sheets
it looked like someone had been
murdered in my room
we agreed it was appropriate
because when we talked on the phone
we so often talked about removing
each other’s skin
it’s more romantic than it sounds
just trust me
but anyways,
i don’t even know who i would call
tonight, for sex
because i don’t feel like trying hard
or listening to anyone talk about themselves
which is a courtesy you must provide
if you are about to use them
for their body
oh wait – there is a third thing
animal costumes