chasing pigeons makes me feel more powerful

i chased an opossum
it was so big –
at least double
the size of
i chase small things
mostly pigeons
everyday i chase at least
one pigeon
metaphysically speaking
i feel very big and sturdy
like a refrigerator
my metaphysical self is
a large white frigidaire
i have this body
that is really not
very big
i mean
i’m medium sized
but in a spectrum of
human sizes
i’m pretty small
when i chase things
i feel powerful
it gives me the chance
to exorcize those emotions
that metaphysical self
i chase things
that no one views
as precious
so that i am not looked upon
as a monster
(although i am)
chasing pigeons makes
me feel more powerful
like a large white frigidaire
my girlfriend says
i have the expression
of a golden retriever
when i do it
the opossum
we stared at each other
in a mostly russian neighborhood
i should have run away
but i hissed to make it 
leave me alone
then i realized 
that i am much bigger
and when i chased it through
the parking lot
it went
ehhhnnn ehhhhhn ehhhhn