you know nothing about love darling

it was halloween
and i drank too much champagne 
we had just started dating
i fell in a mosh pit
and got my face stepped on
i was wearing leopard pants
and a vest that said man eater
i wanted to bike home
but you would not let me
i was so very angry at you
for making me walk
i kept falling
and saying mean things to you
you patiently
and tenderly
held me up while we walked
i sat on the pavement
of a very busy street
at two am
while you watched
and i lit a cigarette
i started screaming for no reason
at you
about love
and how you knew nothing of it
then i wept there
on the street
you said 
“baby, come on now
we need to go home or you’ll
catch a cold”
because i always catch colds
you lifted me up by the armpits
and we walked home
my roommate said to you
“what’s wrong with her”
you said
“she’s mad cause i wouldn’t let her
in that condition”
and we went to bed
and had sex all night
i said “i love you”
and you said nothing back
in the morning i pretended not to remember
that part